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  1. Rachy

    Purple Daisy on Mach Bike [Daisy] by Rachy

    Showcase of my Purple Daisy texture which got updated to v1.1 by editing the character and bike texture. I hope you enjoy it! :) Download: Purple Daisy on Mach Bike (Daisy Texture) - Custom Mario Kart The old version can be found on the wiki link I posted above (as the picture showed there).
  2. Daisy Circuit

    Daisy Circuit

  3. Daisy Circuit

    Daisy Circuit

  4. [MKWii] Former 4DR Clan Record - Daisy Circuit (1:32.587) - 4DR⁂レイチェル

    [MKWii] Former 4DR Clan Record - Daisy Circuit (1:32.587) - 4DR⁂レイチェル

  5. GAMER10

    Every requested Blender renders + Pauline

    Requested : Pauline :
  6. GAMER10

    Purple and white Daisy texture pack Mkwii 1.0

    Hi there! I wanted to share with you my Daisy texture I made a few months ago. It's a purple and white Daisy (full dress is white and patterns are purple) with brown hair instead of orange. All the 12 karts are edited in this texture. Here are some spoilers : Spoiler Spoiler 2 For best quality...
  7. Emilio

    Daisy Texture 2018-08-31

    May or may not be released. Feel free to critique my texturing skills. :D
  8. MrBurn

    Who is excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    One thing's for sure, I'm super excited for the game. And because I very rarely use large characters in MKWii, It gives you a hint about a character that I'm most excited for. What part of this game are you guys most excited and hyped for? Comment below! :D
  9. dai

    Who is Dai? That's me!

    Hello, My name is dai, I am male and 14 years old(in 12 days I will be 15 years old).I am from Germany (Lower Saxony) and I love to play MK-Wii.In my freetime I am a YouTuber posting from time to time cellphone games.Also I practise korean fighting techniques like Tae-Kwon-Do.I play MK-Wii since...
  10. A

    Black & White Daisy 1.0

    A clean black and white look for daisy. This texture hack will appear on the player select screen as well as in a race. This texture was created for @Bede
  11. Zachy

    Why do you use Funky Kong or Daisy?

    If you're a person who uses Funky Kong or Daisy (or maybe you use these characters occasionally, but not all the time), why do you use either (or both) of those characters? Now obviously, it's no secret that Funky Kong and Daisy are the fastest characters in the game. But do you use those...
  12. Rachy

    Daisy Circuit at Daytime [Daisy Circuit] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. Finally, I made a new texture hack! But yeah... I haven't been use to make any textures from 5 months ago since Fire Kart Wii v3 had released in March. Anyway, I finally got idea for this texture, I made a daytime version of the original texture of Daisy Circuit...
  13. Jason

    The Orange is the New Black [Daisy] by Me

    Title was for lolz :p This is my first texture hack, and I have to say, it actually went decent (First times for me go awful usually, LOL) Design: Black and Orange Daisy, and Black and Orange Mach Bike, with the Daisy Logo being replaced with a "K" Huge Props to Rach for teaching me how to...
  14. Rachy

    Fire Daisy [Daisy] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. I haven't release any new character texture for a year... But now I've finally released a new character texture! I know, there are two textures for Daisy that I have, which that was Blue Suit Daisy (old texture). I've made a new texture called Fire Daisy! It also...
  15. Jason

    Fire Daisy on the Flame Runner [Daisy] by Rachel/Me 1.0.0

    So I made this about a month ago with Rach :oops: Description - Well it's Fire Daisy.. on the Flame Runner. Flame Runner customized for wheel, and big ass orange wheels. Pics: DL: MEGA Feel free to take any if you download it.