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dark veaz

  1. Dark Veaz

    DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube

    I never made a thread here, so here I go! DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube Channel [Image coming soon? Lol...] Hello! I am Alexander, better known as Dark Veaz. I play Mario Kart Wii and other games. I have a HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition which I use to record my video's. I don't upload often, but when I...
  2. Dark Veaz

    It's great to be in 4DR again

    Hello everyone! It's Alexander, former leader of 4DR. It's (almost) been a year since I left 4DR, (almost) a year later I am back trialing for 4DR! :D I am really glad I am able to be with you guys because this family clan is my favorite place since the very beginning! I hope to have loads of...