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  1. Emilio

    Should Bottled Water Be Banned?

    As the amount of greenhouse gases increase up in the atmosphere, should bottled water be banned? Post your thoughts below! :D
  2. Jason

    Bomb Explosions in New York and New Jersey, Stabbings in Minnesota

    This past weekend, there has been quite a number of events that had gone on. Lets go in order. New Jersey: On Saturday morning (9/17/16) at 9:30AM local time (13:30 GMT), a pipe bomb exploded on a route for a charity event planned that day. Fortunately, nobody was injured because the road was...
  3. Zachy

    What do you think about Narcan?

    For those of you who don't know, Narcan is a drug that can help save someone's life if they've overdosed. It really is a miracle drug and has helped so many people out who overdosed. But it's becoming more readily available. A prescription is needed in most places, but I know that where I live...