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  1. 4DR Custom Track Worldwide Races #1

    4DR Custom Track Worldwide Races #1

  2. 4DR Worldwides Races #5

    4DR Worldwides Races #5

  3. 4DR Worldwide Races #4

    4DR Worldwide Races #4

  4. [MKWii] Former 4DR Clan Record - GCN Mario Circuit (1:35.750) - 4DR★Doss

    [MKWii] Former 4DR Clan Record - GCN Mario Circuit (1:35.750) - 4DR★Doss

    Note, this is former 4DR clan record because this person is no longer in 4DR anymore. ~ 4DR Time Trial Leaderboards: https://4drclanforum.com/threads/4dr-time-trial-leaderboards.27/#post-63
  5. Dossie

    Being in 4DR, but howlong will it last?

    Hello to your wonderfull people of 4DR! Actually I have a big conferssion to make what include my activity in this clan and on MKW. Not a lot of people know it but I am in my last year of regular school is what I am gonna call it. Next year I will go to university and I will be doing what they...
  6. Dossie

    Dossie's Social Media

    Hey hey guys :p Because I got somewhat active again on this forum I am probably also going to play with you guys :p That's why I thought to make this xD My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nintendoss1 Mario Kart Wii What will you find on my channel what's MKW related? Well you...