error codes

  1. Loyd

    CTGP Help

    I have now started playing MKW again, and recently I have bumped into some confusing problems. I can only play MKW online via the Wiimmfi Patcher. I can't use CTGP because I am getting error codes when I try play online. I just find it bizarre when online works for Wimmfi Patcher but not CTGP...
  2. Zoghon

    MKWII CTGP Error Code : 60000 problem

    after waiting 24 hours so I can play online it's just keeps on saying the same thing Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. Zoghon

    Mii installer "error ret-1" ,how do I fix it?

    Anytime when I try to open Mii installer on the Hombrew Channel,it just says "Error ret -1" Anyone know how to fix it?
  4. Alexander

    Wiimmfi error codes thread

    This thread contains error codes you may encounter while playing or trying to connect. Error codes send by Wiimmfi at login: Special error codes for console activation: Search error codes here: Wiimmfi and Nintendo WFC error codes Additional error codes: Error Code 60000 -- Didn't input...