1. Loyd

    CTGP Help

    I have now started playing MKW again, and recently I have bumped into some confusing problems. I can only play MKW online via the Wiimmfi Patcher. I can't use CTGP because I am getting error codes when I try play online. I just find it bizarre when online works for Wimmfi Patcher but not CTGP...
  2. Zoghon

    MKWII CTGP Error Code : 60000 problem

    after waiting 24 hours so I can play online it's just keeps on saying the same thing Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. Zoghon

    Mii installer "error ret-1" ,how do I fix it?

    Anytime when I try to open Mii installer on the Hombrew Channel,it just says "Error ret -1" Anyone know how to fix it?
  4. Ivan187

    Kicked out of online match

    Have you ever had Wiimmfi kick you out during an online match all of a sudden? (i.e. getting error code 91010) Since I patched my Wii with Wiimmfi, I've only had this happen once, and my name showed up on Wiimmfi's ban list. Any other times the game simply told me that I lost connection with the...
  5. $

    Wiimmfi error - Help

    starting yesterday, while playing online in wiimmfi. I got an error, "Please eject the disc, or can't read the disc". BUT I'm using USB loader to play, meaning I use USB and no disc. I had to turn my wii off, then turn it back on. This happened thrice yesterday, and just now. The happened...
  6. HuskyUltra

    "Technological Terror" [Funky Kong] by Me 1.0.0

    Techno-Terror.szs Enjoy! :p Character and Vechile 4 Different Angles: Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot