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  1. Zachy

    Favorite Mario Kart Track

    Title. Personally, I don't really have a favorite currently. Nowadays, I just vote random all the time because I simply don't care what track is played. :P If I had to pick one (and I did have one a while ago), I would pick Moonview Highway. I just love the track and I quickly memorized the car...
  2. Tomas

    What is your favorite forum game?

    Without a doubt my favorite is the game: Rate the profile picture above you! :D
  3. ☆VFlame

    Favourite/Most Used Smiley?

    Simple, describe whats your favourite smiley(s) on the forum: Favourites: :eek:, :rofl:, :doge:.
  4. Tomas

    What's your favourite Season?

    I like winter by the cold weather, snow and the Christmas feeling! :D
  5. Zachy

    Favorite thing to get at IHOP?

    What is your favorite thing to get at IHOP, if you've ever been? I think mine is probably the Red Velvet Pancakes, but pretty much everything is simply amazing there anyway!
  6. Bloss

    Favourite Ice Cream?

    Mint choc chip all the way! :)
  7. Zachy

    Favorite course music?

    What is your favorite course music in Mario Kart Wii? I like Rainbow Road a lot and N64 Bowser's Castle because of how mysterious it is. How about you guys?
  8. Zachy

    What underused combination is your favorite?

    If you were participating in a fun room and there was a theme for underused combinations, which would would be your favorite and/or which combination would you go to? For me, I always like my Mii in the Cheep Cheep Charger lol.
  9. Wolf

    Favorite Item to get hit by?

    I don't think anyone really likes to get hit by items, but there has to be an item that you don't mind. I like to get hit by. I guess the blooper or banana because they are the least annoying in my opinion. A pow block may not be as bad either, but pow blocks can really screw you over.
  10. Wolf

    Favorite Splatoon Map(s)?

    I think my favorite one would be Camp Triggerfish the most becuase I know that one really well. I think it will probably change in the future, but for now I like that one the most.
  11. Wolf

    Favorite Inkling Character and why?

    My favorite one is Spyke, mostly because he reminds me of me LOL. Or Judd because he's a fat kitty and he's cute. I'm allowing people two votes!!
  12. Wolf

    Favorite Ink Combinations?

    What I mean is like, every game there's different ink colors for the teams. And usually the inks are opposite colors. Like yellow and purple, pink and green, blue and orange... My favorite ink combination is Blue and Orange--especially when I'm on the blue team. That color looks so beautiful...
  13. Wolf

    Favorite clothing article or gear piece?

    I really love the Legendary Hat or whatever it's called. It looks like a captain hat, and the old inkling guy in story mode wore it. I can't wait until I unlock it. The hat reminds me of IAMX and many other characters I love. I also love the plain black hat I got with a flat base or cover...
  14. Zachy

    What's your favorite character from each weight class?

    This may come as no shock to everyone, but: Small class: Baby Peach Medium class: Peach Large class: Rosalina What about you guys?
  15. Zachy

    Favorite Mii Outfit in Mario Kart Wii?

    A thread on the same topic was made for Mario Kart 8 by Amaya here: Favorite Mii Outfit? You should go respond to that if you haven't already. :tu: It's now the same question, but for Mario Kart Wii. Do you like Mii Outfit A or Mii Outfit B better, and why? Personally, I think I like Mii Outfit...
  16. Zachy

    Least favorite strategy?

    This is the sister thread to the "favorite strategy thread" I made a couple days ago. What is your least favorite strategy or tactic that people use? I personally dislike the very mainstream strategy of holding a star or bill and then dodging the shock. This can obviously get you a good position...
  17. Zachy

    What's your favorite strategy?

    Stategies ("strats" as most people call them) can help you win a lot of different races in a lot of different scenarios. A strategy could be holding a star all race on shy guy beach and then using it at the end to avoid a shock and get a higher place. There's a lot of known strategies, but you...
  18. Quest

    Favorite Ice Cream Brand/Place?

    What is your favorite place or brand to get ice cream? Mine is a place called Handel's, they are soooo good :D On a side note, this is my 1,000th message :D :D
  19. Zachy

    Favorite clan tag?

    There's been a lot of clans, and obviously with that, a lot of clan tags. What are some of the more nice clan tags out there do you guys think?
  20. Zachy

    Who do you enjoy playing most on Wiimmfi?

    Besides 4DR, of course! :D Do you have any clans or specific people you really enjoy playing? Honestly, I can't think of anyone else besides 4DR, but I mainly wanted to see what other people have to say. :)