1. MrBurn

    Health concerns because of extreme hazyness caused by wildfires

    I've rambled on about this in the discord server, but this problem is very serious, because its affecting millions of people. the wild fires in British Columbia are burning out of control, and people living east of that province are being affected by a haze like no other that's existed before. I...
  2. amaya

    How did you find the 4DR clan forum?

    I think this is a pretty obvious question for a lot of people, but how did you stumble across this forum? Was it from word of mouth? Did another forum refer you here? Did you find the site by searching on a search engine perhaps? I'm genuinely interested in how everyone found the site, so...
  3. Rachy

    Fire Mushroom Gorge [Mushroom Gorge] by Me 1.0.0

    Download: Date of Release: 27th June 2013
  4. Plex

    Fire Mario [Mario] by Me 1.0.0

    Hey Guys! So, to you, this texture might look like Rachel's, but they are actually totally different. I took Rachel's texture and re-colored a few pixels. Here are pictures of the texture: This texture applies to all of the Medium weight vehicles, but to Mario only. Here is the download...
  5. Rachy

    Fire Daisy [Daisy] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. I haven't release any new character texture for a year... But now I've finally released a new character texture! I know, there are two textures for Daisy that I have, which that was Blue Suit Daisy (old texture). I've made a new texture called Fire Daisy! It also...
  6. Rachy

    Fire Toadette [Toadette] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. I finally made a new character texture. Now this is 6th character texture that I made. It's called Fire Toadette. I took to texture this character in a less than 30 mins. Download: sa_bike-kk.szs Date of release: 18th September 2013
  7. Rachy

    Fire Mario Raceway [N64 Mario Raceway] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Hey guys! Today, I've decided to release a new track texture I created. This is fire version of N64 Mario Raceway, like Fire Mario. I hope you enjoy that new track texture! :) Download: Date of Release: 7th November 2015
  8. Jason

    Fire Daisy on the Flame Runner [Daisy] by Rachel/Me 1.0.0

    So I made this about a month ago with Rach :oops: Description - Well it's Fire Daisy.. on the Flame Runner. Flame Runner customized for wheel, and big ass orange wheels. Pics: DL: MEGA Feel free to take any if you download it.
  9. Rachy

    Fire Peach [Peach] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. New character texture was coming right now! Yes, I did made another character texture. That's Fire Peach because I just found Fire Peach image, which is come from Super Mario 3D World on Wii U. I made 2 textures of Fire Peach in Wild Wing and Mach bike. :D Btw, I...