first console

  1. Blephin

    What is your First video game console you had?

    Title says it all! I had the Nintendo 64 as my first.
  2. Dossie

    What was your first nintendo console?

    Hey hey people! 4DR is a clan that is highly active on Mario Kart Wii and Splatoon. With other words only on nintendo games :p so I was wondering what your first nintendo console and game was that you owned:p For me the first nintendo console that I owned was the "Gameboy Advance SP" and the...
  3. Loyd

    What is the first three Nintendo game consoles you've played?

    - First game console i used was the Nintendo 64 - Second game console i used was the DS - Third game console i used is the Wii (still use) But the game console i always wanted was the 3DS back then. Don't really want anything now :3