flame runner

  1. Derptoise

    Rosalina + Flame Runner Texture By Me

    So I decided to make a texture out of Rosalina a few months back, and I feel like it turned out at least somewhat well. Pretty much in version 1, there is a silvery-purple hair, and the second is a silvery-blue (at least for me). This download link contains both version 1 and 2 in a zip folder...
  2. Viper

    Black and Red Funky Kong on the Flame Runner 1

    Decided to throw together a texture the other day, and I figured y'all would enjoy it. Pretty basic texture, sorry about the low image quality. Programs used: Adobe Photoshop CC SZS Explorer WiiScrubber (to extract original from ISO) WBFS Manager (to get the file from my ISO