1. Tomas

    In what language do you use this forum?

    I have had this question for quite a while because although it is a forum in English, many of the members are from different parts of the world. Personally, at first I used to use the forum in its default language, but thanks to @Azula I have been accessing the forum in Spanish for years :D Tell...
  2. Lewis

    NinLewis’ Introduction Thread

    Hello, everyone! My name is NinLewis and I decided to join this forum to make new friends and be part of a big MKW community! I’ve been playing since 2011 and I, at least, try to be good at the game. The characters of which who I main are: Funky Kong (Spear and Flame Runner) Mario (Mach Bike...
  3. ontonowitsch

    Daily log-in bonus

    This screenshot shows my problem pretty clearly. Is this a removed feature? Have you got this problem too? I'd appreciate any help I get! (:
  4. D

    4DR Forum APP

    How about if the 4DR forum had its own app for the mobile phone?U can easier find threads and other things,so that the app is very clear. Would u like it?:) THX 4 Reading
  5. ☆VFlame

    Favourite/Most Used Smiley?

    Simple, describe whats your favourite smiley(s) on the forum: Favourites: :eek:, :rofl:, :doge:.
  6. Azula

    New Forum Banner!

    Hey guys, As some of you might notice... We have a new forum banner! It looks really great. @Realm made it, and then @Rachy edited it a bit. The problem that we were facing for a while (Active Forum Members would know this since we had a vote and discussion about it) is that while the banner...
  7. Azula

    New Trophies and Swag Buck Values

    Hello everyone, You may have noticed that we have added some new trophies. These new trophies have to do with the amount of threads you have created. So here they are: Newbie Thread Starter = 10 threads created (10 trophy points) Novice Thread Starter = 25 threads created (20 trophy points)...
  8. Azula

    2016 Suggestions and Goals

    So here we are in 2016, which is amazing. We just want to take the time to thank you so much for supporting the clan and the forum! We wouldn't be here without all of you. :) As the new year is here, we'd like to hear what suggestions or goals you have for the clan and the forum for 2016. In...
  9. Q

    Not sure if I will be on the forum tomorrow

    Tomorrow, I will be visiting family about an hour from where I live. I will be bringing my phone with me, but I don't know if I will be able to use the forum. If I'm not on, see you all on Sunday!
  10. Timo

    Inactivity For This Week On The Forum. (I have Exams)

    Hello guys, I am notifying you that I will not be active for the rest of this week on the forum because I need to use the time to study. I hope you understand. Blessings to you all! :)
  11. amaya

    How did you find the 4DR Clan Forum?

    I think this is a pretty obvious question for a lot of people, but how did you stumble across this forum? Was it from word of mouth? Did another forum refer you here? Did you find the site by searching on a search engine perhaps? I'm genuinely interested in how everyone found the site, so...
  12. Azula

    Introducing the Media Gallery

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. :) We have a new feature on the forum and it is called the Media Gallery, which is the new "Media" tab you see in the navigation menu. As the name entails, it's where you can upload/link media (videos and pictures). You can also create your own albums...
  13. Azula

    Halloween Knockout Tournament

    Hosted by: 4DR's Contest Team Tournament type: What kind of tournament are you hosting? 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 Date: Saturday, October 31st Start time: October 31st @3:00 PM EST / @20:00 GMT Registration deadline: October 31st @2:00 PM EST / @19:00 GMT Limit: 12 Players Description: Spooky...
  14. Azula

    Introducing Guides

    Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce something new to the forum that Active Forum Members already know about... They are called Guides. Basically, guides are tutorials (kind of). Guides are supposed to be very high quality and in-depth tutorials. However, these guides aren't just on Mario Kart...
  15. Azula

    Advertisements and Post Ratings

    Hello, I've already made a thread in the active forum members section about this, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we are bringing advertisements to this site. In fact, as of me writing this, advertisements have already been up on the site for a couple hours now. So, what is the...
  16. Azula

    Some Changes

    Hello. So this is a bit overdue, but with school and everything making my life nearly 100x busy, I haven't had much time to make a thread here. So here are a couple changes that we have implemented for the clan/forum. We hope that you agree that they are for the better. In regards to wars...
  17. Q

    Back on Skype and more active on forum and mkwii

    Just what the title says :D