friend code

  1. dacool1OG

    Hello there!

    I've just joined this clan and would like to introduce myself, My friend code is 0907-9576-0016, and would like to play with some people! 1629839367 *I just joined this FORUM not clan (yet)
  2. Pyro

    Active FC's in MKWii i can play with?

    *ahem ahem* So, as i already said in the title, are there possibily any active people i can play (if possible) CT's or just friend rooms with? my friendcode(Wiimmfi, CTGP-R) is: 0693-2039-1755. Leave your FC in the replies i guess. Also, sorry if i posted this on the wrong category..
  3. TruTheMKWiiRat

    Looking for friend codes

    Alright so, my 3DS FC is 1908-5291-8357 hope I can play MK7 with some people, I'm playing it when I'm not playing MKWii, speaking of that my MKWii FC is 4343-9257-6038, I'm online when I'm not playing MK7 so add me on one or add me on both or don't add me that's fine, but the first 2 are very...
  4. Loyd

    Active MKW Lloyd's Mates

    :au:Lloyd:au: FC: 1935-9707-1074 Current Clans: 4DR | 4 Dark Racers Past Clans: Vτ |Venomous Thunder MS | Magistas LU | Last Of Us Kτz | Karterz DΣ | *Forgot Name* Roster: Zachy :us: Rachy :gb: Frost :us: Amaya :us: Rich :ca: Alex :gb: Bede :au: RusoX :es: Jeff :nl: Please Comment Down...
  5. $

    Outdated MKW Rich's Friend Roster

    This is my friend roster. Tell me if you want to add, and if you're already my friend, kindly confirm your FC. :) My FC is 3484-9248-7747 @$$_Rich_$$ - Rich :ca: 0134-8501-1281 @Rachy - Rachy :gb: 0518-9005-9480 @Tim157 - Tim :us: 0650-2467-4474 @Kirigaya - Kirigaya :us: 0820-1956-9614...
  6. A

    Aqua's Skrubs

    Aqua's Skrubs A collection of top kek m8s Skype: cheesethenyancat Discord: Aqua#7919 2024-6356-0469 - Openhost :hm: