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friend roster

  1. Dossie

    Active MKW MK8 Other Doss' Gaming Friend Codes (MKW, MK8DX, Azur Lane)

    Hai Guys this is Doss here! Since my old wii bricked I decided to make another Friend code thread :p This thread will have the friend codes of all the different games I play! Lets start with the game I play the longest and that is of course, Mario kart wii! Then now its time for my Switch...
  2. Leon

    Updated MKW Leon's Friend Roster

    Oi Decided to renew this My FC : 3098-3797-4449 4DR Adam :us: 590 Joey :nl: 392 Fergus :us: 225 Dokan | Rewe :de: 480 | 20 Josue :us: 329 Amaya :us: 467 Rachy :gb: 837 Veaz :nl: 416 Olivia :ca: 36 Bynt :us: 99 EFG Weexy :nl: 357 Jeroen :nl: 259 Enzo :nl: 52 GX Korra :nl: 26 Joris...
  3. Loyd

    Active MKW Lloyd's Mates

    :au:Lloyd:au: FC: 1935-9707-1074 Current Clans: 4DR | 4 Dark Racers Past Clans: Vτ |Venomous Thunder MS | Magistas LU | Last Of Us Kτz | Karterz DΣ | *Forgot Name* Roster: Zachy :us: Rachy :gb: Frost :us: Amaya :us: Rich :ca: Alex :gb: Bede :au: RusoX :es: Jeff :nl: Please Comment Down...
  4. Jonny

    Jonny's Friend Roster.

    :gerald: Hey everyone, welcome to my friend roster thread! I figured I'd just drop one of these here because a lot of people have one. Contact information Discord: Jonny⁂#5570 Skype: nintendo_jonny Twitter: @nintendo_jonny The MKWii Roster 29/30 4DR Members :us: Zachy [100 Races] :gb...
  5. Dokan

    Outdated MKW MK8 Dokan's "FaZeBook"

    Contact information: Consoles: Wii, Model 1 (4.3E, softmodded) Nintendo Switch, Smash Bundle version (8.0.1, no HB) Discord: Dokan#0711 Twitter: @doki_dkn [/SPOILER] Last update: 12th June, 2019
  6. $

    Outdated MKW Rich's Friend Roster

    This is my friend roster. Tell me if you want to add, and if you're already my friend, kindly confirm your FC. :) My FC is 3484-9248-7747 @$$_Rich_$$ - Rich :ca: 0134-8501-1281 @Rachy - Rachy :gb: 0518-9005-9480 @Tim157 - Tim :us: 0650-2467-4474 @Kirigaya - Kirigaya :us: 0820-1956-9614...
  7. A

    Aqua's Skrubs

    Aqua's Skrubs A collection of top kek m8s Skype: cheesethenyancat Discord: Aqua#7919 2024-6356-0469 - Openhost :hm:
  8. Doom

    DOOM's (4DR) Friend Roster

    Hello, People. This is my friend roster for MKW on my 4DR Account. The List Of People Start Here: People who are in the 4DR: 4DR Zachy 4DR Rachy 4DR Justin 4DR Wolfy 4DR Kaeden 4DR Alex 4DR Blazerz 4DR Skitty 4DR Aqua 4DR Wail 4DR Rich Lucky Val. 4DR Kaeden (Second Account) People who aren't...