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  1. $

    Outdated MKW Rich's Friend Roster

    This is my friend roster. Tell me if you want to add, and if you're already my friend, kindly confirm your FC. :) My FC is 3484-9248-7747 @$$_Rich_$$ - Rich :ca: 0134-8501-1281 @Rachy - Rachy :gb: 0518-9005-9480 @Tim157 - Tim :us: 0650-2467-4474 @Kirigaya - Kirigaya :us: 0820-1956-9614...
  2. Zachy

    Would you take a loved one off of life support?

    First, let me say that if you don't know, life support basically means that you have a ventilator breathing for you because you are in such critical condition that you can't breathe, think, process, or reason on your own ever again (this is the pretty stereotypical definition and the one we're...
  3. Zachy

    What's the most amount of races you've had with a friend?

    Title is kind of confusing, sorry. Didn't really know how to word it properly in a short sentence. Anyway, on your friend roster, who's the friend you've had the most races with, and what's the total race count? I suppose that it doesn't have to be a current friend; it can be an all-time kind of...
  4. Quest

    Miitomo i guess

    Why not lol My name: Qυεςτ Follow me on Twitter @onaquest01 and link yours to add. It is possible I may not show up because it puts mutual friends first. Two flags means the person was born in the country of the first flag but lives in the country of the second flag.
  5. Zachy

    What feature do you think is missing from/should be added to friend rooms?

    Per the title, what feature do you think is missing or should be added to friend rooms? Personally, I really wish there were a way to customize teams when selecting a Team VS Race or any form of battle. I just think it would really come in handy, especially for wars. I think it would change clan...
  6. Zachy

    What's the best friend code you've had?

    I think having a cool friend code is nice (I say "best" in terms of having like 0000-0001-7890 or something like that). It makes your friend code much easier to memorize and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who get jealous of someone's friend code. What's the best friend code that...
  7. thor

    How did you find the 4DR clan forum?

    I think this is a pretty obvious question for a lot of people, but how did you stumble across this forum? Was it from word of mouth? Did another forum refer you here? Did you find the site by searching on a search engine perhaps? I'm genuinely interested in how everyone found the site, so...