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  1. Leon

    Updated MKW Leon's Friend Roster

    Oi Decided to renew this My FC : 3098-3797-4449 4DR Adam :us: 590 Joey :nl: 392 Fergus :us: 225 Dokan | Rewe :de: 480 | 20 Josue :us: 329 Amaya :us: 467 Rachy :gb: 837 Veaz :nl: 416 Olivia :ca: 36 Bynt :us: 99 EFG Weexy :nl: 357 Jeroen :nl: 259 Enzo :nl: 52 GX Korra :nl: 26 Joris...
  2. Zachy

    Would you still play Mario Kart Wii without your friends?

    If you could only play Mario Kart Wii yourself (let's say you were the best player- at least you have that going for you), would you still play Mario Kart Wii? For me, I wouldn't. I play Mario Kart Wii, but the game isn't even the reason why I play, if that makes sense. I'm here for all of my...
  3. imxyz

    ❀Immy's Roster~

    ~Welcome to My Roster ~ Mii names: Immy, Cocaine, Immer ~Zachy~ ~Kitty~ ~Justin~ ~Juliet~ ~Essa~ ~Kiri~ ~Amaya~ ~Leia~ ~Quent~ ~Tyler~ ~Isa~ ~Veaz~ ~Diana~ ~Wolf~ ~Rach~ ~Ryan U~ ~Kiyori~ ~Amy~ ~KP~ ~Tim~ ~Zekrom~ ~Higgerz~ ~problem theme
  4. Quest

    Something (I think) I have found out about Wiimmfi Friend Adding

    So what I think I have found out based on my Wiimmfi friend rosters, is that if you add someone and they don't add you back, their mii will show up but it will always say that they're offline. I believe this is the case with Tim on my 4DR roster and MSX Sky on one of my other rosters.
  5. Jason

    MKW MK8 ~ Inspirational Duo ~ ❀

    ✿ Friend Roster ✿ Status: Invite Only ~ 0650-2467-4474 ~ 27/30 [Total Races, from all my FCs] Rachel ♥ [1,160] Arumi (Theif Eli) [2] Blissy [33] Chloe [4] Crisis (2x) [98] Dark Z [30] Immer [255] Isa [12] Jade [0] Joel (USA) (2x)[180] Justin [620] King Decimator [116] Klitty [145] Misdreavus...