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  1. Mario Kart Wii - 4DR Monthly Fun Room December 2016 (GP3)

    Mario Kart Wii - 4DR Monthly Fun Room December 2016 (GP3)

    Fun room hosted on December the 17th 2016. The thirth grand prix of the monthly fun room, the theme was that one has to use a heavy weight character with the spear. I must admit, even though I never use the spear, it went fairly well. :P I need to get used to the spear when I'm gonna use it more of
  2. Mario Kart Wii - 4DR Monthly Fun Room December 2016 (GP1)

    Mario Kart Wii - 4DR Monthly Fun Room December 2016 (GP1)

    Fun room hosted on 17th of December 2016. 4DR Monthly Fun Room! Yay! The occasion where the 4DR members and I play a fun room once in a month and experience absolute chaotic moments, those moments are usually unexpected and very random! Needless to say, playing the game again is very fun. And that'
  3. 4DR Monthly Funroom: Rainbow Road

    4DR Monthly Funroom: Rainbow Road

  4. Rua222

    4DR curiosity

    Heyo guys, I wanted to know how you guys discovered/created the 4DR clan? I'm curious about that and know how everyone entered in the clan Me: I was just looking up on browser the best characters to play on online (I find out about bikes in troy's video about ranking the karts) just so happen...
  5. Mario snowman!

    Mario snowman!

    Well, with some help from family, we made a Mario Snowman scene, including Mario (of course), Luigi, Yoshi and Toad plucking their heads out of the snow!
  6. BlazerZ

    4DR WW Session ~ 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM EST Friday 26 May

    4DR WW Sessions (#55) Postings of worldwide sessions will be within a few days in advance. We ask people to sign up like we do for monthly fun room threads. We're doing this to hopefully get more members, more members playing together at a time, get more threads going, and increase activity of...
  7. D

    Whats ur best track in MKWII?

    What is your best track ,where do you have an record or something like that ,which does the Most fun :)ty 4 reading
  8. Zachy

    Official Monthly Fun Rooms [November 19th, 2016]

    Information: Date: Saturday 19 November 2016 Time: Event Time Announcer - Official Monthly Fun Rooms [November 19th, 2016] How many players in the room: 6 - 12 (If room has less than 6 players, the room will be cancelled or delayed) Rules: 1. We will play 4 GPs. 2. No hacking (Unless you can...
  9. Loyd

    Inactivity (Monday 4th July - Sunday 10th July)

    Hello, I will be inactive from *(Monday 4th July to Sunday 10th July)* because i am heading off to my first overseas holiday to Vanuatu! I can still talk on Skype and things and maybe check the forum but i will not be playing MKW of coarse!
  10. Nyxis

    I might be trying out again soon!

    Hey guys, I might be trying out for this clan again soon! Unfortunately last time I tried out I failed my trial because of lack of activity. But, since summer break is coming up, I might try out again! It will not be next week since I have 3 finals next week, but the week after may be the week I...
  11. Nyxis

    How many hours of homework per day do you guys have?

    For those of you in school (which I would assume is most members), I just wanted to ask how many hours of homework do you guys get every night? I usually have 30 minutes up to 2 hours of homework a night, sometimes more sometimes less. Leave your answers below, like always! -Devil
  12. Tomas

    Who's Your Favorite Character In Mario Kart Wii?

    My favorite character is Luigi. :)
  13. Nyxis

    Devil's YouTube Channel!

    Hello people! I have returned from the depths of the underworld! I am sad to say I am not going to be trying out for this clan at the moment since I have not played Mario Kart Wii in FOREVER, and I'm pretty bad at it in general right now. But I just wanted to let everyone know I have a YouTube...
  14. Wolf

    Why do you like Splatoon? What do you like about the game?

    As stated above, what do you like about splatoon? It could literally be anything about the game that you like and why you play the game. Here's a list: 1) I love how the game is personal. It feels like my inkling is a representation of me because it wears the same clothes I wear. The...
  15. Doom

    1v1 Over 4DR Swagbucks

    This is the thread that you should post if you want to 1v1 somebody over their 4DR swagbucks. What You Do Is: You type @ After someone's name. For an instant, I am going to use aqua's name. @Aqua Then you type 1v1 Swagbucks. @Aqua 1v1 swagbucks. Now you can tell them itemless or glitchless or...
  16. Zachy

    Reminder About Monthly Fun Rooms

    I felt inclined to make this thread because of the chat during today's funroom. These are funrooms, they are supposed to be fun. They are not supposed to be taken seriously. I think that's pretty obvious, especially from some of the laughable (but great) GP themes. So please, let's not be rude...
  17. elgug

    Happy birthday to Aker!

    My first bday thread? :eek: Anyway, happy birthday Aker! :)
  18. Timo

    Milo's 1 vs 1

    Hey guys, if you want to 1 vs 1 me. Just say so on this thread. I will play 2 gps and I will host in the 1 vs 1 rooms. GGs to whoever plays with me. :p The racing will begin on Dec 15 and onwards: Details Below: WINS: 0 LOSSES: 1 TIES: 0