funky kong

  1. Dokan

    "Gerald" Kong (Character Texture, made by me) v1.0

    What's up everyone, it's me Dokan. Yeah folks, I am back there with another texture, requested by my bruwu Jonny! :gerald: This Funky Kong wears a black shirt, on the back with a Gerald icon. He also wears light blue pants with a black belt and a gold buckle, a blue and white dotted bandana...
  2. Dokan

    "Tox" Kong (Character Texture) v1.01

    Hey everyone, I was working on a texture again, but this time, I'll publish it here, before it's done. Thus, Tox Funky was created! "Tox" is a Xat smiley and a common one on the forums, so I decide to make a texture about it. Tox Funky has the Tox emote on the back of his normal shirt (border's...
  3. Starstrike

    Blue Batman Texture For Funky Kong 2017-04-15

    Funky Kong texture
  4. Viper

    Black and Red Funky Kong on the Flame Runner 1

    Decided to throw together a texture the other day, and I figured y'all would enjoy it. Pretty basic texture, sorry about the low image quality. Programs used: Adobe Photoshop CC SZS Explorer WiiScrubber (to extract original from ISO) WBFS Manager (to get the file from my ISO
  5. Jonny

    Funky + Spear textures...?

    I have searched around for Spear textures, however have had no success. I've found bad ones, ones with expired links, and straight-up broken ones. And since I do use the Spear quite a bit, I want a texture to use for it, and I don't really have sufficient knowledge or tools to create my own...