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  1. Alexander

    Which Switch games do you currently own?

    Hey everyone! Most of you own a Switch and have a few games already so I was wondering what games you currently own? Here is my list of currently owned games (24): Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Dragonball Xenoverse 2...
  2. Emilio

    The 1-UP Game

    In this game, "one-up" the previous user by posting something better than what they did. Alice wrote: I ate a sandwich. Bob wrote: I ate two sandwiches! Charlie wrote: Oh yeah? I ate a sandwich AND some ice cream. Diane wrote: Why bother with a sandwich? I just had two ice creams, way better...
  3. BlitZ

    Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games!

    What are your top 5 favorite Nintendo switch games? :blush: 5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe To me this is one of the best Mario Kart games yet. Mario Kart Wii still earns the #1 spot for best Mario Kart game of all time. This game features a wide variety of characters, items, courses, and game...
  4. Alexander

    What was your first game for the Nintendo Switch?

    Mine was Zelda Breath of The Wild, it looked really awesome and I was looking forward to it so I bought it as my first Switch game! Which was your first game? Let me know! :D
  5. Satnav

    Write a status for the person above.

    The title explains it pretty well. You just have to write a status message on the behalf of the person above. Try to make it make as much sense as possible. Have fun :P
  6. Loyd

    Does any one play any Supercell Games?

    Supercell Games i play: Clash of Clans (coc) :P Clash Royale I hate Boom Beach
  7. Zachy

    What game(s) are you looking forward to most for the Nintendo NX?

    Is there a game that you're really looking forward to see for the Nintendo NX? Whatever it may be? Personally, since I've always been a Mario Kart person, I'm excited for Mario Kart 9. I don't really have anything else in mind. What about you guys?
  8. Zachy

    Do you plan on buying the Nintendo NX (Switch)?

    Do you plan on buying the Nintendo NX? From what I understand, Nintendo is hoping to release the Nintendo NX in July of this year (so only a few more months to go!). Do you plan on buying one? I think it's a pretty valid question because when you buy a console, it's assumed that you're going to...
  9. Timo

    Why you chose MKW as Your Favourite Game?

    Hello guys, I was wondering why you guys played and still play MKW alot. There are millions of other games to play in the world other than MKW. I would like to know why you chose MKW and not any other game like GTA or NFS. ~I play MKW because it is special and I love MarioKart games!~
  10. T

    2,000th Poster wins!

    In this game, we can talk about whatever we want! :p If you make the 2,000th post on this thread you win! Winners: 1,000: Ronin 2,000: --- 3,000?: