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  1. Seeky

    CTGP Crashing on Regular Track Time Trials

    Sorry if this is is the wrong place to ask for help, but this is quite annoying and I can't figure out how to fix it. Basically, whenever I finish a time trials on regular tracks on my SD save file, the game will finish when it tries to show the leaderboard. Also, if I use riivolution to load...
  2. DatsMK

    New lap count discovered Yellow Loop

    Hey everybody that reads this :). I'm here to tell you that I'm the proud BKT Holder on Yellow Loop Glitch with a time of 1:09:048. Braixen, who is second, has a time of 1:18:6xx. How is this possible you might ask! I found a new way of doing the glitch without shrooms. It's a 8/10 difficulty...
  3. DatsMK

    What's the hardest MKWii glitch you have ever pulled of (LEGIT, Nintendo Tracks)?

    Hello there! I love glitches and shortcuts, they make mkwii mkwii :P! The best glitch I've pulled of legit was the left left non stop shortcut on Bowser's Castle. Fun fact: there's no glitch(/shortcut) in mkwii that I haven't made yet :P. I would love to hear what you guys did and what your...
  4. DatsMK

    Huge OOB Glitch

    Hey all! I accidentally found a huge OoB glitch on Twin Peaks yesterday and I wanted to know if this has already been discovered. Midway through the track once you reach the little town there's a mountain to your left where you can go up, but if you go too far you'll get counted out of bounds...
  5. SwtSkitty

    How to make the N64 Sherbet Land ultra glitch

    List of World Records on Sherbet Land since the release of the track (the glitch times are nearer the bottom): MKWii WR History N64 Sherbet Land on the Player's Page (I currently have the best time on it): Mario Kart Wii Players' Page List of people to make the glitch, in chronological order...
  6. SwtSkitty

    How to Perform the Mario Circuit Right-side Ultra Glitch

    ou want to risk a ban. This guide is primarily for offline/Time Trial use. Step 1: Character/Vehicle Combinations This glitch can be done with any character on any bike, but it is easiest with Funky Kong on the Spear/Torpedo. Step 2: Alignment When going for the right side glitch, you want to...
  7. SwtSkitty

    How to Perform the Mario Circuit Left-side Ultra Glitch

    This is most likely the easiest of all the clip glitches in Mario Kart Wii, but some people may struggle with it. That's why I'm writing this guide. Benefits of the MC glitch: Can improve your time trial times significantly. Can help you out if you're behind while racing offline...
  8. Wolf

    How to do the BCWii Glitch (Japanese Hop Method)

    The Japanese way to do the BCWii glitch basically means that you do the hop method. The hop method is so much easier and increases your chances of making the glitch tenfold!! Your height and direction becomes much more accurate from a simple hop. I highly recommend that you learn this way...