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  1. A

    Aqua's Texture Shop

    Shop Status: Open! What this shop is: This is my texture shop. I'm currently only doing simple charater texture hacks but I could try track texture if requested. How to request a texture: To request a texture, please fill out this form: Character Name: Extra files to edit: Description of the...
  2. A

    Red Rosalina 1.0

    The texture changes the blue to red and her hair colour to red as well. The texture appears on the character select screen, in a race and on the minimap. This texture only changes what she looks like on the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner).
  3. Wolf

    If you could hack and somehow never, ever get caught, would you hack?

    Usually, people who secretly hack always get caught. I've thought about what it would be like to never get caught even after hacking every race. Would the game even be worth playing anymore? Would you abuse the power and enjoy it? Or get bored. Personally, I'd probably hack like when I...