1. Zachy

    Unmaintained Button activators

    Button activators 2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ X values: [NTSC-US] 1462 = First Wii wheel/nunchuck 199A = Second Wii wheel/nunchuck 1ED2 = Third Wii wheel/nunchuck 240A = Fourth Wii wheel/nunchuck 14C2 = First classic controller 19FA = Second classic controller 1F32 = Third classic controller 246A =...
  2. amaya


    Greetings fellow members of the 4DR forum/members of the 4DR clan. Today, the staff and I have discussed and agreed that we should no longer support any talk of hacking in MKWii. Now why is that? Well, that statement alone makes our clan and forum look bad (since before NWFC shut down, we were...