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  1. Zachy

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just wanted to make a quick thread to say Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I hope you have an incredible day around your family and you have some great turkey/whatever other good. If you don't celebrate, I hope that you have an extra incredible day tomorrow! ;)
  2. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Kiri and Zenya!

    We have two birthdays today! @Kirigaya (sorry for no alert, I tried to mention your old username lol) and @Zenyamk8 I know that at least Kiri will be on, so you'll have to tell us how your day was and what your plans are (if you have any). Regardless, happy birthday and hope you two have a great...
  3. Zachy

    Happy birthday to YoshiLover!

    On this lovely Sunday, we want to wish @YoshiLover a happy birthday! Have a great day today! :D
  4. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Asuna!

    We have a birthday today! Happy birthday to Asuna, or Roger (some of you may know him under that name)! Have a great day today! :)
  5. Zachy

    Happy birthday Jakob!

    We'd like to wish you a happy birthday, @jakob! Have a great day today! :) :party:
  6. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Sev7n!

    Haven't posted a birthday thread in quite some time, but here I am again! Today we at celebrating the birthday of @Sev7n! Woohoo! We hope you have a great birthday Sev7n! :D :party:
  7. Zachy

    Happy Father's Day!

    A thread like this hasn't been made yet (usually I make these type of threads, so that's why), so I thought I would make one. I'm a day late (even though I began making this yesterday lol), but it's better late than never! I hope all of you had a great Father's Day and that you thanked your dad...
  8. Zachy

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I know that this is really a United States holiday, but plenty of people died in other places as well so we can all have our freedom and rights, and being appreciative in words doesn't do any justice of course, but we can only try. So remember that someone...
  9. SwtSkitty

    Happy birthday Camo!

    Happy birthday to @Camo ! Have a great day! :D
  10. Zachy

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone! Make sure to wish your mom a great day and a Happy Mother's Day, and of course also make sure to do something great for your mom! :D
  11. Zachy

    Happy Easter!

    Hey guys! Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate it! I hope you spend time with family, eat a lot of candy, and/or whatever other rituals and traditions you have in your family. :D If you don't celebrate, I hope you have the most amazing Sunday ever! Anyone have any exciting plans? :)
  12. elgug

    Happy birthday to Aker!

    My first bday thread? :eek: Anyway, happy birthday Aker! :)
  13. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Jayden and Joseph!

    Just wanted to wish @4DR Jayden and @Joseph a happy birthday! Have an amazing day you two! :D
  14. Zachy

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone (those of you who celebrate it at least) a happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to eat a lot of food and have a great time with your family. Take nothing for granted. You don't want to ever have any regrets. I also hope that you guys have a great break and...
  15. Zachy

    Happy birthday Rich!

    Just wanted to wish @$$_Rich_$$ a happy birthday! Have a great day buddy! :D
  16. Quest

    Happy birthday to ThisNamesDumb!

    Happy birthday to @ThisNamesDumb whether you come on here much or not! :)
  17. Zachy

    Happy birthday to WolfMk!

    Just wishing a happy birthday to @WolfMK (different from @Wolfy of course ;)). Hope you have an amazing day! :D
  18. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Micah!

    Just wishing @Micah a happy birthday and a great day today! :)