1. Alexander

    Do you have holidays?

    Hello everyone! It's already June, time flies! I want to ask you guys something because I saw people are on holidays already. Do you have holidays? Unfortunately, I don't have it yet I still have to work for a few more weeks before I have holidays as well! I'm definitely looking forward to the...
  2. Zachy

    Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas!

    Greetings everyone, It is Christmas Eve today and that's crazy to me because I felt like we were just celebrating Christmas. This year has really flown by (at least for me it has). Anyway, I wanted to take this chance and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas! I...
  3. Zachy

    What's your favorite part about the Holidays?

    Sorry, I'm on a bit of a Holiday crave right about now! Anyway, what's your favorite part about the Holidays (I'm mainly referring to Christmas here, but anywhere from Thanksgiving - New Years will do). Is it the break from school? Your family? The food? Presents? Anything else? All of the...