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homebrew channel

  1. NintenYoshi

    Favorite Homebrew Application(s)?

    What's your favorite Homebrew application to use on your Wii? It can be a game, utility, modding tool, anything! My favorites are Riivolution, Not64 (N64 emulator), PowerCheck, VBA GX (GBA emulator) and WiiXplorer. All of these are very convenient and useful, and the emulators, while not the...
  2. JackPuff

    How to install Miis from ghost (.rkg) files!

    The process is rather easy (it used to involve hex editing, but now it doesn’t). So far, I’ve installed TWD98>>’s exact Mii using this method. You will need: RKG Viewer (https://bit.ly/2IjUlTM) (can only run on Windows. Sorry Mac users) An SD Card (you can use any, even a 2GB one) Mii Installer...
  3. Alucard2113

    Letterbomb/ Homebrew Channel Failed

    Hi all I am hoping to get you guys help. I went to the letterbomb site and made sure i put in my correct mac address as well as my dashboard is correct 4.3u and i download the package and install the SD card into my system. i find the letterbomb message and open it up. When i go to install the...
  4. Satnav

    Some WiiBrew downloads broken?

    I have tried many times to download things like the HomeBrew Browser, SaveGame Manager GX and the Mii Installer. However, each download seems to have something wrong (e.g missing file or corrupted code not working with Wii) or not working. I was wondering if anyone knew about this and if anyone...
  5. A

    vWii HBC 4:3 Fix

    There are two ways to fix this problem, the first way can be done by downloading this app: aspect fixer and adding it to your apps folder. The second way can be done as as follows: (If you choose to do this I recommend the Black HBC, note that this doesn't change what the channel looks like...