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  1. How to Top 2 on N64 Mario Raceway

    How to Top 2 on N64 Mario Raceway

  2. thor

    How To Improve at Mario Kart Wii

    Hello everyone! I see you want to improve at Mario Kart Wii. Well, you have come to the right place! This guide will go in detail on every aspect and step of improvement. BASICS In terms of basic rules of thumb when playing, you'll want to practice these good habits: Use your rear-view mirror...
  3. Zachy

    How to Appeal a Wiimmfi Ban

    First, I just want to start off with a little disclaimer. This guide is not going to tell you how to circumvent (bypass) a Wiimmfi ban. We do not support any garbage like that, and we do not support the breaking of any Wiimmfi rules. So if that is what you are looking for, you are certainly not...
  4. Zachy

    Has your Wii Disc Drive ever broken?

    Mine has once, and it sucked! How about you guys? How long did you have your Wii before (if) it broke?
  5. Zachy

    Were you an early adopter of Wiimmfi?

    Just curious, how early of an adopter were you of Wiimmfi? In the grand scheme of things (in hindsight), we are all early adopters! But who was the earliest? :rolleyes: When did you first get Wiimmfi and why/how did you get it so early or as late as you did? For me, I probably got it a week or...
  6. Zachy

    How did you originally get into Mario Kart Wii?

    Why did you originally decide to pick up MKW and start playing it? For me, my parents actually bought the game for my younger brother. But he wasn't really the biggest fan of it. So I played it one time and I actually quite enjoyed myself. Ever since then, I got addicted, especially from...
  7. Zachy

    Take a typing speed test!

    I don't know about you guys, but I happen to think I'm a rather speedy typer. Here are the results I got from the site I will link below: You can take this test here: TypingTest.com - Test Your Typing Speed in 60 Seconds and then screenshot your results once you're done! It seems like there's...
  8. Zachy

    How do you prefer to load MKW?

    Hopefully there isn't a thread like this on here already, but there wasn't when I checked. What is your preferred way to load MKW? Some load through the Wiimmfi patcher, some load through Riivolution, some load through CTGP, and some load through their ISO. For me personally, I prefer to use my...
  9. Zachy

    How often do you switch your mii/mii name?

    Do you switch your mii/mii name every day? Every week? Every month? Every year? Never? I've seen a lot of people change their mii like once a day and I don't really get it. I think people should make a mii that they like and stick with it. :tu: I personally haven't changed my mii or mii name (in...
  10. Rachy

    How to get Competitions on MKWii (Wii and Wii U)

    Leseratte released the competition patcher (beta version) for Wii and Wii U, that's means you are now able to play competitions on MKW! I hope this helped. Thanks to Leseratte for his amazing work on competition patcher to bring the competitions back! If you have any questions, then feel...
  11. Zachy

    How to Unlock All Vehicles on Mario Kart Wii

    Sure, Mario Kart Wii (MKW) is quite an old game. But some people may not have unlocked all the vehicles or are just getting into the game and want to learn how to unlock all the vehicles for MKW. All vehicles fall into one of these three weight classes: Small, Medium, and Large. And when you...
  12. Zachy

    How do people get bored of MKW?

    It seems to me that a lot of people get bored of MKW, and I don't really understand why. I understand that repition is boring to most. Personally, I disagree with that. I think that repetition is more comfortable than mundane. But even so, I still don't understand how people can get bored so...
  13. Zachy

    How to Unlock All Characters on Mario Kart Wii

    Sure, Mario Kart Wii (MKW) is a game that is pretty darn old now. Surely many people don't need a guide on how to unlock characters on MKW. But, in case there are some players that may be new to the game, this will be a resource for them. So without further ado, let's get into what you need to...
  14. Zachy

    How to Configure OpenHost for Wiimmfi

    Just filling in on a tutorial request here. :) Openhost is a feature on Wiimmfi that allows people to "add" you without you having to add them back. This is generally useful for competitive people so that (in wars) the players just have to add the host FC and the host FC doesn't have to add all...
  15. Zachy

    How long do you envision Mario Kart 8 servers staying up?

    Obviously the game was released not so long ago, so we don't really have to worry about anything like this. But how long do you see the Mario Kart 8 servers staying up? The problem with Mario Kart Wii is that Nintendo had to rely on a third party to keep their servers up, which is most likely...
  16. Zachy

    How often do you play Mario Kart Wii?

    Was just curious to see how active everyone is. How often do you play MKW? Do you play during the week; only during the weekend? Do you only play if other people are going online? Do you play at a certain time everyday? Are you on all day? A lot of different options of course. :) For me, I play...
  17. Zachy

    How do you play Worldwides?

    Again, not a literal question of course. And no, this isn't about playing style, although I'm sure we could create a whole other thread just on that topic. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a lot of different methods to playing worldwides. For example, some people like to switch WWs a...
  18. Zachy

    How do you Vote?

    No, I'm not literally asking. :p When it's time to vote in between races on Mario Kart Wii, how do you tend to vote? For example, do you always pick your favorite track(s)? Do you pick random tracks? Do you try to pick tracks from different cups to even out the playing field? What is your...
  19. Zachy

    How late do you usually stay up?

    I don't think a thread like this exists yet. Anyway, looking at all the New Years threads, it seems like very few people are up at or past midnight. So that just made me curious... What time is everyone usually up until? Mainly I'm talking about weekends or days where you're free to stay up as...
  20. Zachy

    How to Install CTGP

    CTGP, also commonly referred to as Custom Tracks, is a fast and easy way to get online with the Wiimmfi service, while also giving you a lot of interesting tracks to play with other users. You can install CTGP on both a Wii and Wii U, and I'll go over how to do that on both consoles. Wii: If...