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  1. Jonny

    Splatoon 2 Ideas!

    So, a sequel, or enhanced port, for Splatoon has been shown in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer! I'm just interested to see everyone's ideas for what could be coming in the next game, along with the new hairstyles, gloves, pants (shorts) and everything else! My Ideas! - I'm thinking there'll...
  2. Dark Veaz

    If Wiimmfi discontinued, what would you do?

    Imagine for once: what if Wiimmfi discontinued, what would you do? Would you take it over? What would you do if you took it over? Or would you play a different game? Would you do something else that interests you? I would took it over if I had the money to host it lol, but I don't have a money...
  3. Zachy

    What would make Wiimmfi better?

    I think everyone has their different gripes about Wiimmfi. So what (in your opinion of course) would make Wiimmfi better if you could make a change? I think the main thing I'd do is work on stability. Now, in case everyone wasn't aware, having servers for this kind of stuff is a lot of work and...
  4. thor

    New to the forum? Make a thread and introduce yourself!

    Not everyone can easily whip up an introduction thread or know what they want to say. So, here are a couple of compiled suggestions that you can use in your introduction thread (if you decide to make one). Feel free to not use any suggestions, or pick and choose which suggestions you want to use...