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  1. Dossie

    Inactive from 7/4/2019 till 15/4/2019

    Hai guys! :P So tomorrow I am going to the USA (more specific San francisco) :p I never went to the USA before because I am from europe so the 9 hour time difference will be fun :tox: I will be there wih school for a kind of excursion so I will not be active on the forum or even discord :3 I...
  2. Leon

    Inactivity 14-21 July

    I'll be on scouting camp from 14-21 July. So i wont be on those days.
  3. Dossie

    Inactive for the weekend because...

    Hello to all the 4DR people! :P I will be inactive for the weekend because I am gonna visit @Paris irl of course :P For that reason I will be inactive on MKW on my home console but I will defently play there xD It will be an awesome time again x) Thanks for reading xD
  4. Dossie

    Being in 4DR, but howlong will it last?

    Hello to your wonderfull people of 4DR! Actually I have a big conferssion to make what include my activity in this clan and on MKW. Not a lot of people know it but I am in my last year of regular school is what I am gonna call it. Next year I will go to university and I will be doing what they...
  5. Dossie

    Inactive from 31/03/2017 till 7/04/2017

    Hello peepz :) Sorry for telling but I will be inactive for a weel :/ I have a good reason for it though! I am going on vaction to Austria :3 I will have a skivacation there and yeah with other words I can't take my wii with me and such :3 I will still be looking at the forum though but...
  6. Dossie

    Inactivity through vacation.

    Dear 4DR people :p I am going on vacation to spain from 27/02/2017 till 3/03/2017. I will visit Barcelona for you people who wanna know xP With saying this I can't be rsally active on mkw or being on the forum that much :/ I will still try to come on the forum once a day :p Second note I am...
  7. A

    Going Away

    Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know that I'll be going away for a week. I'll be visiting family in Sydney in that time and help my Ouma (Grandma) convert her pool into a pond. Not really sure if I'll be inactive, they have a wii there and I have my laptop. Anyway that's about it wish me...
  8. Tomas


    First of all my apologies, I'll be inactive from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11. That means total MKW inactivity and lower activity in the forum. The reason is that I will go to attend some courses in which I will have to get out of where I am now for a few days. I received notification yesterday. As I...
  9. Loyd

    Inactivity (Monday 4th July - Sunday 10th July)

    Hello, I will be inactive from *(Monday 4th July to Sunday 10th July)* because i am heading off to my first overseas holiday to Vanuatu! I can still talk on Skype and things and maybe check the forum but i will not be playing MKW of coarse!
  10. Tomas

    What is the longest time you've been inactive on MKW?

    Personally I think from 6 to 7 months is the maximum time I've been inactive.