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  1. Leon

    Inactivity 14-21 July

    I'll be on scouting camp from 14-21 July. So i wont be on those days.
  2. D

    Inactive for 3 weeks :(

    Hey to everyone who is reading this:) Im in the next 3 weeks in Holidays (greece) and i cant play mkw :( i dont know if i can write in the Discord group to the next 3 weeks,so have fun,stay healthy and eat your vegetables! David:) --- Post merged --- btw sry 4 my bad english xD
  3. Satnav

    Inactivity on Mkwii due to possibly broken disc reader?

    Alright, so my parents bought me the wii in 2008 because I played it at my cousins and really enjoyed a game called Wii Sports. I have had the same console ever since. Now just today, (It was working fine on christmas day) my Wii refused to read any discs, all of them still in pristine...
  4. Zachy

    Inactivity starting on July 29th

    Hey everyone! I am here making this activity notice because I'm unfortunately going to be inactive again! On around July 29th (more so on July 28th as I'll be leaving early in the morning on July 29th), I'll be going to a baseball tournament for my brother. The tournament is quite far away, so...
  5. 4DRMemo

    MKW Inactivity

    I'm leaving town and won't be back until Monday. I will not be playing Mkwii. I don't know if I'm still a trial member. As soon as I return I'll let everyone know.
  6. Zachy

    Brief Inactivity

    Hi everyone! Just making this notice to let everyone know that I'll have a brief period of inactivity for about a day or so. The reason being is that I'm going to a fair with a few friends. The portion I'm going to only lasts six hours, but with my sleeping pattern lately and my presumption...
  7. Loyd

    Inactivity (Monday 4th July - Sunday 10th July)

    Hello, I will be inactive from *(Monday 4th July to Sunday 10th July)* because i am heading off to my first overseas holiday to Vanuatu! I can still talk on Skype and things and maybe check the forum but i will not be playing MKW of coarse!
  8. SwtSkitty

    Inactivity~ 9th June to 15th June (subject to change)

    In the 2nd week of June, I will be going down to Huntsville, Alabama to see some friends and generally just have some fun! :D I will be there until the 15th of June, but I won't be back until late that night. The reason I put "subject to change" in the title is because my mum is saying that I...
  9. SwtSkitty

    Inactivity - 10 May to 11 May

    I'll be inactive on Mario Kart Wii on the forum for almost the whole 2 days from 5/10 - 5/11. Tomorrow, the 10th, I will have school, and then I will need to go to my granddad's wake. The next day, I will not have school, but I will be at his funeral all day. See you guys after that. ;P
  10. Quest

    Low activity on forum for a little bit

    So, I got my mobile devices taken away and my parents lock my PC until my dad comes home from work, so I will now have limited time to be on here until these are reversed.
  11. Quest

    Not sure if I will be on the forum tomorrow

    Tomorrow, I will be visiting family about an hour from where I live. I will be bringing my phone with me, but I don't know if I will be able to use the forum. If I'm not on, see you all on Sunday!
  12. Timo

    Inactivity For This Week On The Forum. (I have Exams)

    Hello guys, I am notifying you that I will not be active for the rest of this week on the forum because I need to use the time to study. I hope you understand. Blessings to you all! :)