1. Wolf

    Favorite Inkling Character and why?

    My favorite one is Spyke, mostly because he reminds me of me LOL. Or Judd because he's a fat kitty and he's cute. I'm allowing people two votes!!
  2. Wolf

    Boy or Girl Inkling and why?

    Okay, so I was watching a video one night and I heard that 75% of male japanese players picked a FEMALE inkling!! LOL I think it's kind of hilarious. I chose a female inkling even though I'm a guy. Kind of like how a lot of male mkwii players have female miis and female profiles. I guess...
  3. Wolf

    Favorite clothing article or gear piece?

    I really love the Legendary Hat or whatever it's called. It looks like a captain hat, and the old inkling guy in story mode wore it. I can't wait until I unlock it. The hat reminds me of IAMX and many other characters I love. I also love the plain black hat I got with a flat base or cover...
  4. Wolf

    What's your outfit for your inkling?

    My inkling has a army design color for a hat, a black tee shirt, and some like red converse. You guys can actually name the clothes and extra boosts they give to your inkling; I just can't remember the names