1. jackhax

    Jackason's questions + intro

    yall mainly do ctgp competitive right? Any fun rooms? I will add my fc soon
  2. Loyd

    Hello 2.0

    G'day, I am Loyd and I am from Sydney, Australia. For some odd reason I call myself other names then my own actual name which is Xander (short for Alexander). I'm making this thread to update you guys on who I am and what is going on in my life. Click here to view my previous introduction . I...
  3. Seeky


    Hello, I'm Seeky, a MKW player (I have mk8 on wii u too but I never really play it atm since the vr system is kinda boring imo). I mainly play ctgp online and I play variety pack offline sometimes too. I mainly use funky kong/ king boo on the bowser bike or luigi on either the mach bike or...
  4. Dokan

    Once again, this is me.

    Good morning, good afternoon or good evening! You'll (most likely :ttm:) know me already, but I'd like to make an introduction again, because I've deleted my old thread many months ago. So...I am Dokan, formerly known as Skip and good friends also call me Fabio, which is my RL name. :) I was...
  5. zeyh

    hi im new, please be nice :x

    Hi Guys So I recently started to come back to the MKW Community! And oh my god - I missed this game so much I started playing MKWii around 2010 and I was pretty young at that time, but I loved this game! I played it so much, I tried to get 3 Stars everywhere, I wanted to learn every shortcut...
  6. MkwRa

    Introducing myself !

    Hello guys ! My name is MkwRa and i absolutely love to play MKWII CTGP online on wiimmfi ! I might not be the best at it , but i still enjoy it a lot ! I play MK8 too , but i like MKWII more because its moddability and crazy physics! On MKWII i usually use Luigi in Mach Bike , Mario in Mach...
  7. JackPuff

    NinLewis’ Introduction Thread

    Hello, everyone! My name is NinLewis and I decided to join this forum to make new friends and be part of a big MKW community! I’ve been playing since 2011 and I, at least, try to be good at the game. The characters of which who I main are: Funky Kong (Spear and Flame Runner) Mario (Mach Bike...
  8. BlitZ

    Hello Back Again! :)

    Hey guys its me Zane, Many of you members might know me but most of you guys do not know me! :P 4DR is an amazing clan I am not really into clans so I left but stick with 4DR you should love them. I miss all of you so much but I have became to busy with other stuff so I can not maintain a...
  9. Spoon

    Hi my name is Spoon

    Hello everyone my name is Spoon, I've been stalking around the forum for around a week, and how I found this place was by a list of a bunch of Mii name symbols, and I thought this forum looked really cool so I decided to make a account here I play MKWII online My favorite CTs are: Incendia...
  10. Jonny

    Nobody knows who I am; yet.

    I figured nobody knows who the bloody hell I am, so I should make an introduction thread because I'm so new to this forum. :gerald: • Do you play Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8 (or both)? Online or offline? ~ I play Mario Kart Wii both offline and online. I used to play MK8 but kinda...
  11. dai

    Who is Dai? That's me!

    Hello, My name is dai, I am male and 14 years old(in 12 days I will be 15 years old).I am from Germany (Lower Saxony) and I love to play MK-Wii.In my freetime I am a YouTuber posting from time to time cellphone games.Also I practise korean fighting techniques like Tae-Kwon-Do.I play MK-Wii since...
  12. Cullect

    Returning* To 4DR

    Hello, everyone. Many, if not all of you, probably do not remember me. I used to be an active and dedicated 4DR member and MKWii player. My old alias was "4DR*Aila". I would like to start out by saying my 'hiatus' from the game and clan was due to me finally getting a job, and most of school...
  13. Satnav

    Sup world.

    Alright, so I'm kinda new to clans and stuff, but I've actually been around in Mario kart Wii since 2009. I quit playing after I was nine and after 4 years I decided to come back! (Not that anyone cares but... eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) I really like doing worldwides and stuff online in MKW, but I don't...