1. Dokan

    Item Probability at MKWii

    Good evening, folks. It's over 9 years ago and yet, we still wonder, rant, rejoice or even cry about our item luck. Sometimes you pull off a great combo which can help dodging and preventing hits from 'evil' players with 'mean' items and also guarantee the first place easily. Most of the time...
  2. Zachy

    What do you think about the various battle strategies?

    If you know anything about battles, you'd know there are various strategies. Some are quite cheap in my personal opinion, but they are strategies nevertheless. The biggest three in my opinion are: Wallthrowing. This is when you go up to a wall on stages such as GCN Cookie Land and throw your...
  3. Zachy

    What item is the most strategic?

    What item do you think you have to 'carefully plan out' the most for your personal gain? I think that a blue shell can be pretty strategic. Granted, for it to really have any personal gain for you, you need to get it and then be in 2nd place, relatively close to 1st place. But if you use it at...
  4. Wolf

    Favorite Item to get hit by?

    I don't think anyone really likes to get hit by items, but there has to be an item that you don't mind. I like to get hit by. I guess the blooper or banana because they are the least annoying in my opinion. A pow block may not be as bad either, but pow blocks can really screw you over.
  5. Zachy

    What item do you hate getting hit by the most?

    Per the title, I'm curious as to which item you guys hate getting hit by the most? For me, it's probably a bomb. If you actually get hit by one (not barely where you just spin out), you not only lose time because of getting hit obviously, but you also lose your item. And it's not like they're...
  6. Zachy

    Most useful item?

    We have threads on your favorite item, and the most overpowered item. However, we don't have a thread on the most useful item... until now! So what do you guys think is the most useful item? If you ask me, it's probably triple mushrooms. I know you can't dodge with it, and I know that you can't...
  7. Zachy

    What's the most useless item?

    Per the thread title. I think the most useless item is the coin. I don't think this one is up for much debate, but we'll see lol.
  8. Zachy

    User Title Ladder

    Hello everyone! I am here to announce a new feature called the User Title Ladder. I saw some people bringing it up, and yes, it is the item that is displaying under people's name. It's just supposed to be something fun that indicates how many posts you have based on the Mario Kart Wii item...
  9. fishguy6564

    Retro Items [Item Textures] by Me 1.0.0

    I have actually been getting quiet a few requests to release this, so here it is :p Couldn't find a dedicated video to it, so here's a little sample of how they look like. Note: that these are item icons and not item models or texture hacks xD Download link: Retro item icons MKW.rar
  10. Zachy

    Favorite Item?

    What's your favorite item in Mario Kart 8? I don't have a ton of experience with the game, but from what I've seen, I'd say mine is the Crazy 8 as you get the best of both worlds. ;) What's your guys' favorite item?
  11. Zachy

    What's your least favorite MkWii item?

    Just curious. Mine probably has to be the Blooper.