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  1. JackPuff

    Lewis’ Summer Challenge Thread

    Hi everyone! You may’ve noticed I don’t play MKWII that much anymore, until NOW! Starting from the 14th July ‘till the 9th of September, I will be raring to challenge anyone who wants to get an easy win ! To play against me, you must do the following: 1. Add me on CTGP using my friend code (it...
  2. JackPuff

    4DR 200cc Time Trial Leaderboards!

    This is the MKWII 200cc Time Trial Leaderboards! If you want to know how to get it, here’s the link to my tutorial: How to install 200cc on CTGP (32 original tracks only) I will not be able to update this myself, so if one of the staff members could help out, that would be great! While there...
  3. Angelo

    I need to talk to a leader, or coleader.

    I need to speak a leader or a clan coleader, I need a pending approval plus a situation to chat, it is short, I will not disturb, please, I need help:oops:
  4. Jason

    How to use the Nintendo Rankings Site for 4DR Leaderboards

    Greetings, suppose you are a 4DR member who now has times he/she wants to submit. You can only provide video proof at the moment, due to a user faking his Daisy Circuit time to have a Lap 1 that is impossible without being such a high level. Alternatively, this can now be used to submit times...