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  1. Wolf

    What is your Life Path Number?

    What is your life path number?? My life path number is: 5 Freedom Seeker If you don't know your life path and want to know, enter your birthdate in this calculator: Life Path If you want to learn more about your life path number go to this website: Numerology: Find Your Birth Path Number |...
  2. Zachy

    Would you take a loved one off of life support?

    First, let me say that if you don't know, life support basically means that you have a ventilator breathing for you because you are in such critical condition that you can't breathe, think, process, or reason on your own ever again (this is the pretty stereotypical definition and the one we're...
  3. Tomas

    Would you like to have more or fewer years of life?

    As the title says, Would you like to have a particular age? In my case I would like to have again 17/18. For me that was the year I most enjoyed so far. :)
  4. Quest

    Just life in general.

    Hello all. I've just been feeling.. a bit down about life recently. I have a few reasons for this. First off: I just found out less than an hour ago that one of my cats just died earlier today. My mom took her to the SPCA to be cremated. She was only 6 years old, while cats are usually between...
  5. $


    If you had a chance to become immortal, would you take it? You can't pass your immortality to anyone. If you are immortal that means, you will not die. You can be wounded or hurt, but every time you "die", you will respawn at your house. This is a one time choice, so you have to decide now. I...