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mario circuit

  1. SwtSkitty

    How to Perform the Mario Circuit Right-side Ultra Glitch

    ou want to risk a ban. This guide is primarily for offline/Time Trial use. Step 1: Character/Vehicle Combinations This glitch can be done with any character on any bike, but it is easiest with Funky Kong on the Spear/Torpedo. Step 2: Alignment When going for the right side glitch, you want to...
  2. SwtSkitty

    How to Perform the Mario Circuit Left-side Ultra Glitch

    This is most likely the easiest of all the clip glitches in Mario Kart Wii, but some people may struggle with it. That's why I'm writing this guide. Benefits of the MC glitch: Can improve your time trial times significantly. Can help you out if you're behind while racing offline...