mario kart

  1. Alexander

    10 Years Ago...

    Hi everyone! Can you believe it? On October 21st, it was 10 years ago that HLF (Hacker Legit Friends) merged with RE! (Revenge) Meaning the 4DR clan exists for 10 years! Amazing! It's hard to believe that 10 years passed by quickly, I tend to look at some old MKW/MK8 video's featuring the clan...
  2. koolkreate

    Can someone help me with Title Screens for My HD Texture Pack?

    Hi, I'm now working in title screens for my texture packs, can i have help fixing the other title screen files? Thanks.
  3. Rua222

    Mario kart tour

    Guys what about we create a mario kart tour topic if the game has options to play with friends and such? Would be fun evryone downloading it and playing (tho Lewis might not like the game lol) and they may add non heart race against friends just like in doctor mario world battle mode, just...
  4. NintenYoshi

    Retro Bowser's Castle 1.0

    Hello all! I bring here a new texture, which I think is my best one so far (out of the 2 I made lol). This is Retro Bowser's Castle! Retro Bowser's Castle by NintenYoshi v1.0 This texture of N64 Bowser's Castle is styled after the Bowser Castle tracks from Super Mario Kart, and the Bowser...
  5. Dossie

    What's your most feared item in MKW?

    Well there is already a thread about your most favourite item, so why not make a thread about your most feared item from MKW :P The item that I fear the most is the bomb xD They always come so unexpected :P Most of the time you can't even dodge them xd So what's your guys most feared item in...
  6. ZombieLord343

    What is your favourite Mario Kart?

    My personal favourite is Mario Kart Wii because the online mode is great and I love the skill required to be good at the game. I also love the competitiveness of the time trials and I love making personal bests! What's your favourite?
  7. IronDragonGD

    Help! Text is not loading

    I have CTGP installed with custom text. All the text loads without a problem. However I don't know how this happened but whenever I go into selecting a course. None of the Nintendo Tracks text loads. The preview is still there. Also the cup text loads but it doesn't load correctly. When I look...
  8. KanyeWest

    Having issues connecting to CTGP, not sure why

    hey all, any help would be greatly appreciated. Im trying to connect i usually dont have a issue, but its just not connecting to server Its not giving me any error messages either so im confused as to where to go from here
  9. Angelo

    4DR in mk7

    I am a test member in the clan but sometimes I play mk7, and then, I would like to know if there is still a 4DR in mk7. (Clearly for being judgment despite not being mkw use the tag in mk7) Also I would like to play with the clan in mk7. :it:4DR-Shuu (Trial):writing: