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mario kart wii

  1. dacool1OG

    Hello there!

    I've just joined this clan and would like to introduce myself, My friend code is 0907-9576-0016, and would like to play with some people! 1629839367 *I just joined this FORUM not clan (yet)
  2. WariJ

    Does anyone have the noview.thp file for Mario Kart Wii?

    Hi, i'm creating a distribution and i'm searching for the noview.thp file, that fixes the track selection "movies"
  3. ElChavo1894

    Changing Wii Country in 2020?

    Hello everybody! Since I've been playing Mario Kart online with my Wii again, a question has come up. Is it possible to change the flag you see before the online race? I live in the United Kingdom and would like to race with the flag of my home country, Bolivia. Now I have checked several...
  4. AlecM7

    Is it possible to edit the Mario Kart Wii menu music?

    Hi, I know it's possible to change the title music in Mario Kart Wii, but I was wondering if it was possible to change the menu music you hear when selecting a character or changing race settings in Mario Kart Wii. From what I can tell, it's not just a brstm like the other files, but instead is...
  5. C0lton


    What are you all doing for spook-o-ween tonight? if you aren't doing anything, would you want to play some stupid mkw friend rooms?
  6. NintenYoshi

    Snowview Highway 1.0

    So, it's not really winter time yet, but I had this idea in my mind and wanted to make it a reality soon enough. :p This originally was going to be a track edit that made the track more slippery and trickier to drive through, but that wouldn't make it safe for online play, which would be a...
  7. JackPuff

    4DR 200cc Time Trial Leaderboards!

    This is the MKWII 200cc Time Trial Leaderboards! If you want to know how to get it, here’s the link to my tutorial: How to install 200cc on CTGP (32 original tracks only) I will not be able to update this myself, so if one of the staff members could help out, that would be great! While there...
  8. NintenYoshi

    Cosmic Yoshi 1.0

    In MKW modding, textures are not my strongest point, but I'm working on getting the hang of them. :p Especially character textures, which I've always found complicated. Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead and give a try, and here we are :D Here I show off Cosmic Yoshi, whose design is based...
  9. Tien

    4DR Kart TT Leaderboards

    4DR Kart TT Leaderboards! Welcome to the 4DR Kart TT Leaderboards open to every forum member! Here you can post all your times for the inner-karter in you. Few things to know : This is a FRIENDLY competition In order to submit, you must either post the chadsoft link of your run or video...
  10. Alexander

    DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube

    I never made a thread here, so here I go! DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube Channel [Image coming soon? Lol...] Hello! I am Alexander, better known as Dark Veaz. I play Mario Kart Wii and other games. I have a HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition which I use to record my video's. I don't upload often, but when I...
  11. Alexander

    What Do You Think About VR/BR System?

    Hello everyone! In Mario Kart Wii, the VR/BR system has a big difference than on MK8/MK8DX. In MK8/MK8DX, if you get first you only get +25 VR (or something like that). In my opinion, that's not much. It will take you months to get a lot of VR, which is why I like the VR/BR system in MKW better...
  12. ZombieLord343

    Does anyone in 2018 play battle mode anymore? If so why?

    Just feel like battle mode would be dead but who knows I might be wrong :yum:
  13. ZombieLord343

    What is your favourite Rainbow Road? (And Why?)

    I want to know the reasons people like certain rainbow roads. I find it interesting to hear other peoples opinions. ;)
  14. thor

    How to Perform the Toad's Factory Shroomless Lake Shortcut (Remastered)

    Hello guys! I'm here to share with you a tutorial on how to do the Toad's Factory Shortcut without the use of any Mushrooms! There is already a guide on such, but that guide in my opinion contains faulty information, and it could mislead you. In this guide, I'll explain the basics of the...
  15. IronDragonGD

    Help! Text is not loading

    I have CTGP installed with custom text. All the text loads without a problem. However I don't know how this happened but whenever I go into selecting a course. None of the Nintendo Tracks text loads. The preview is still there. Also the cup text loads but it doesn't load correctly. When I look...
  16. Alexander

    Thunder Cloud Annoyance

    Everyone knows what the Thunder Cloud item is, it is one of the annoying items on Mario Kart Wii and it can really get on your nerves. I hate it when someone passes me a TC, I pass them back but.. BUT! Due to lag, the Thunder Cloud didn't pass to them. Really annoying! Another annoying thing is...
  17. Alexander

    Worst Moments With A Blue Shell

    The blue shell item is one of the items that can totally ruin your race, sometimes it can give you a huge benefit in many different situations. Blue shells explode upon contact with the player that is first. Seriously though, while I was in mid-air I got blue'd, fell into the water, got back on...
  18. Alexander

    It's great to be in 4DR again

    Hello everyone! It's Alexander, former leader of 4DR. It's (almost) been a year since I left 4DR, (almost) a year later I am back trialing for 4DR! :D I am really glad I am able to be with you guys because this family clan is my favorite place since the very beginning! I hope to have loads of...
  19. loicplh

    Use of joysticks

    Mario Kart Wii can be played in different ways with different controllers. And you, what controller do you use?
  20. thor

    How To Improve at Mario Kart Wii

    Hello everyone! I see you want to improve at Mario Kart Wii. Well, you have come to the right place! This guide will go in detail on every aspect and step of improvement. BASICS In terms of basic rules of thumb when playing, you'll want to practice these good habits: Use your rear-view mirror...