mariokart wii

  1. Tomas

    Who's Your Favorite Character In Mario Kart Wii?

    My favorite character is Luigi. :)
  2. Neo

    Devil's YouTube Channel!

    Hello people! I have returned from the depths of the underworld! I am sad to say I am not going to be trying out for this clan at the moment since I have not played Mario Kart Wii in FOREVER, and I'm pretty bad at it in general right now. But I just wanted to let everyone know I have a YouTube...
  3. Timo

    How To Set Up CTGP-Revolution (v1.03) On your SDHC Or SD Card.

    Hey guys, I have CTGP installed and everything and I have extracted the files to my SDHC card but I just want to make sure that all of the filrs are in the right place:) Here is a picture of the inside of my ctgp folder: