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  1. JackPuff

    How to install Miis from ghost (.rkg) files!

    The process is rather easy (it used to involve hex editing, but now it doesn’t). So far, I’ve installed TWD98>>’s exact Mii using this method. You will need: RKG Viewer (https://bit.ly/2IjUlTM) (can only run on Windows. Sorry Mac users) An SD Card (you can use any, even a 2GB one) Mii Installer...
  2. D

    Why is my Mii little?

    I made my mii middle (i want to drive w machbike) but now its little, what happened what can i do ;(
  3. Zoghon

    Mii installer "error ret-1" ,how do I fix it?

    Anytime when I try to open Mii installer on the Hombrew Channel,it just says "Error ret -1" Anyone know how to fix it?
  4. Glace

    Coming Up With A Permanent Mii Identity

    Hey everybody! So I've been changing around my mii constantly it seems for the past few years. I've never really had a mii that has really "stuck" with me for a long period of time. As I've been cruising through my friend list and the forums I've noticed that tons of people have arrived at a...
  5. Wailtor

    Wailtor's Anime Mii Shop

    Hello guys ! Today I open my own shop. And this shop is for Anime Miis, i can create one for you if you aren't an expert. HOW I BUY MY ANIME MIIS ? It's easy, you must give me $200 4DR Swagbucks for your miis. To create your mii, i must have : Gender: (Male/Female) Mingles: (Yes/No) Avatar ID...
  6. Quest

    Miitomo i guess

    Why not lol My name: Qυεςτ Follow me on Twitter @onaquest01 and link yours to add. It is possible I may not show up because it puts mutual friends first. Two flags means the person was born in the country of the first flag but lives in the country of the second flag.
  7. Loyd

    Mii showroom - Post what your mii's are here!

    My Mii (:
  8. Zachy

    How often do you switch your mii/mii name?

    Do you switch your mii/mii name every day? Every week? Every month? Every year? Never? I've seen a lot of people change their mii like once a day and I don't really get it. I think people should make a mii that they like and stick with it. :tu: I personally haven't changed my mii or mii name (in...
  9. Wolf

    Mii Size: Heavy, medium or light?

    What is the size of your mii in mkwii and why is it that size? Do you have it a certain size for stat purposes? Do you just not give a fuck? Is your mii supposed to be a certain size for reasons other than stats? My mii is medium because the mach bike is my favorite vehicle to use. And...
  10. Zachy

    Favorite Mii Outfit in Mario Kart Wii?

    A thread on the same topic was made for Mario Kart 8 by Amaya here: Favorite Mii Outfit? You should go respond to that if you haven't already. :tu: It's now the same question, but for Mario Kart Wii. Do you like Mii Outfit A or Mii Outfit B better, and why? Personally, I think I like Mii Outfit...
  11. ~Jonny~

    Rumors of Secret Character

    Does anyone remember the rumors of Mii Outfit C? There were a bunch of manuals and guides that came from nintendo game designers and the ways to unlock or cheat on certain things, and it said that Mii outfit C was a character in the game. I'm not sure if this is true or false, but it also stated...
  12. Zachy

    Spooky Mii Contest!

    Hello there everyone, and welcome to one of the Halloween-themed contests! You have to make your own Scary/Halloween Mii using Mii Editor (since Mii Search doesn't work for people or it has been down as temporary). Here's a link: Mii Editor If you are done creating your own Scary/Halloween...