1. TruTheMKWiiRat

    Looking for friend codes

    Alright so, my 3DS FC is 1908-5291-8357 hope I can play MK7 with some people, I'm playing it when I'm not playing MKWii, speaking of that my MKWii FC is 4343-9257-6038, I'm online when I'm not playing MK7 so add me on one or add me on both or don't add me that's fine, but the first 2 are very...
  2. Angelo

    4DR in mk7

    I am a test member in the clan but sometimes I play mk7, and then, I would like to know if there is still a 4DR in mk7. (Clearly for being judgment despite not being mkw use the tag in mk7) Also I would like to play with the clan in mk7. :it:4DR-Shuu (Trial):writing: