1. Lewis

    Lewis’ Summer Challenge Thread

    Hi everyone! You may’ve noticed I don’t play MKWII that much anymore, until NOW! Starting from the 14th July ‘till the 9th of September, I will be raring to challenge anyone who wants to get an easy win ! To play against me, you must do the following: 1. Add me on CTGP using my friend code (it...
  2. Rua222

    Well here we go - questions and answers

    Alright so I have a few doubts and questions about mkwii and this clan Anyone who answer can ask me back about anything :) I think this is a good idea to help me improve and we know more each other, ok so this are some questions I have: #1 How we met up on wiimmfi to clan wars and worldwide...
  3. tonyplaysmkwii

    who wants to play mkwii?

    please i'm lonely
  4. Lewis

    How to install Miis from ghost (.rkg) files!

    The process is rather easy (it used to involve hex editing, but now it doesn’t). So far, I’ve installed TWD98>>’s exact Mii using this method. You will need: RKG Viewer ( (can only run on Windows. Sorry Mac users) An SD Card (you can use any, even a 2GB one) Mii Installer...
  5. Jonny

    MKWii 10 Year Anniversary: King of the Cups Contest

    Hey everyone! :gerald: So as some of you may or may not know, MKWii is celebrating it's anniversary very soon on the 10th of April (when the game was first released in Japan). And this year, it's turning 10 years old! To celebrate this, and to celebrate quite a lot of us being away on holidays...
  6. Dokan

    Savo's & Dokan's MKWii Modding Shop

    Savo's and Dokan's MKWii Modding Shop STATUS: CLOSED (Not really gonna use this anymore, feel free to write me on Discord, if you're really sure about a request. For good friends I'm doing that for free and privately.) Discord: Dokan ~ Dokan#0711 Savo ~ S.#1798 Introduction: Hello and...
  7. Jonah

    How do you feel when you get lagged?

    I looked at @Paris 's article about when a guest beats you, and it made me think, how do other people feel when they get lagged. Sometimes when I get lagged, I think to myself that it's only once, and then I'm like "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!" and then the next race I just blaze them and they still...
  8. BlitZ

    What is your Motivation?

    What keeps you coming back to play MKWii? I just enjoy the general gameplay!
  9. Espeon

    A good track for SNES Mario Circuit 3?

    Hello guys, I'm searching songs for a soundpack and I want to ask you which track fits pretty good with SNES Mario Circuit 3. Thank you in advance! ^u^
  10. Loyd

    CTGP Help

    I have now started playing MKW again, and recently I have bumped into some confusing problems. I can only play MKW online via the Wiimmfi Patcher. I can't use CTGP because I am getting error codes when I try play online. I just find it bizarre when online works for Wimmfi Patcher but not CTGP...
  11. Dokan

    How to make BRSTMs (Part 1: Normal BRSTMs)

    Welcome to my tutorial! Warning: Bad puns and memes are hidden here. Prepare for Disappointment. Things you'll need: Audacity (DL: Audacity Downloads) Brawlbox (any kind of version, latest is recommended; DL...
  12. D

    Inactive Outdated MKW David´s FriendRooster ;)

    Hey Guys! THX 4 reading ;) Sorry for mistakes... Ill try my best 4 this thread :D Have fun Skype : DavidRicosto Discord : Daviid#8517 ???/30 Update: Added more ppl to lazy to put them in. Bold=Friends Never delete = :heart: *=Maybe deleted soon... inactive :/ ::):=4DR Members ✪4DR...
  13. BlondeyMKW

    Need clean copies of all textures and drift colours.

    I want to make a texture pack, but cant rip a ISO. If anyone can link me in the direction for clean copies of all Character Textures and drift colours, It would be highly appreciated. Thank you :)
  14. Satnav

    SatNav's Youtube channel.

    This, bros, is my Youtube channel. I try to be as active on it as possibe, especially considering the majorty of my hobbies revolve around this channel ;) I've recently come close to 50 subs, and released a cool montage so subscribing would mean a huge deal to me! ;) I stream sometimes, mainly...
  15. Satnav

    How to install CTGP on vWii without a selected game

    Hi! I'm SatNav, and I use a WiiU to play MKWii. The reason for that is because the original component and composite Wii cables provide awful quality, and alot of capture cards don't support component cables. However, if you own a WiiU, it plays in much better quality. This is because of the...
  16. D

    Why is my Mii little?

    I made my mii middle (i want to drive w machbike) but now its little, what happened what can i do ;(
  17. Dokan

    Updated MKW MK8 Dokan's "FaZeBook"

    Contact information: Consoles: Wii, Model 1 (4.3E, softmodded) Nintendo Switch, Smash Bundle version (8.0.1, no HB) Discord: Dokan#0711 Twitter: @doki_dkn [/SPOILER] Last update: 12th June, 2019
  18. S

    MKWii TAS Out of Bounds (How?)

    I have always wanted to do TASing for MKWii, and just recently got the chance. I use Dolphin Emulator, so if anyone knows how to disable out of bounds, please let me know.
  19. D

    Ill :(

    Hey :) im just wanted to say / ask that im ill :( my head is hurtig Bad so that im Not able to play mkw for the next 4 days :( i hope u unterstand it and I hope that i dont fail my trial,i want really to become an member of 4DR because the Clan is friendly and active :) so i would be really sad...
  20. D

    Whats ur best track in MKWII?

    What is your best track ,where do you have an record or something like that ,which does the Most fun :)ty 4 reading