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  1. Loyd

    Most Funniest Thing that happened in a MKW Race

    Most funniest moment that happened in a race! For me what happened: I was WWing, and there was 12 ppl in the WW and i held a bomb all race then last turn on N64 Jungle Parkway and i bombed every 1 of the 11 racers and i was crying how funny it was lmao. And the race was soooooo tight the whole...
  2. Zachy

    Most annoying situations/moments?

    What are some of the most annoying moments or situations you've encountered or just think are annoying? The two that I can think of off the top of my head right now are getting POW'd or shocked at the end of Mario Raceway when you have shrooms, and are trying to do the shortcut. The other...
  3. Wolf

    Funniest MKWii moment(s)?

    I remember a long time ago, I was calling with some friends and I was complaining about how these people were trolling me and they had really inappropraite names, which I can't say on the forum, but the names were hilarious. Anyway, after like 5 races I realized it was them after they couldn't...