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  1. Zachy

    What's the most amount of races you've had with a friend?

    Title is kind of confusing, sorry. Didn't really know how to word it properly in a short sentence. Anyway, on your friend roster, who's the friend you've had the most races with, and what's the total race count? I suppose that it doesn't have to be a current friend; it can be an all-time kind of...
  2. Zachy

    What item is the most strategic?

    What item do you think you have to 'carefully plan out' the most for your personal gain? I think that a blue shell can be pretty strategic. Granted, for it to really have any personal gain for you, you need to get it and then be in 2nd place, relatively close to 1st place. But if you use it at...
  3. Zachy

    Which custom track is the most difficult for you?

    Which Custom Track gives you the most problems, or really makes you groan and sigh under your breath? For me it's Mushroom Peaks because it's overpriced and obviously the mushrooms are a problem. Yeah I've learned the pattern for tricking and not tricking a couple times and that's great and...
  4. Zachy

    What's the most amazing experience that you've had on Mario Kart Wii?

    Per the title, what's the most amazing experience that you've had on MKW? It could be a moment within a race, a moment within the community in general, etc... I think mine was when I bomb sniped someone (forget who) across the track on Bowser's Castle 3 and won the race; was pretty great! :imp:
  5. Zachy

    Which custom track has the most shortcuts?

    As a person who doesn't really play Custom Tracks, I'm curious- which Custom Track do you think has the most shortcuts? I'm also interested in seeing the differing opinions (if that happens).
  6. Zachy

    What game(s) are you looking forward to most for the Nintendo NX?

    Is there a game that you're really looking forward to see for the Nintendo NX? Whatever it may be? Personally, since I've always been a Mario Kart person, I'm excited for Mario Kart 9. I don't really have anything else in mind. What about you guys?
  7. Zachy

    What item do you hate getting hit by the most?

    Per the title, I'm curious as to which item you guys hate getting hit by the most? For me, it's probably a bomb. If you actually get hit by one (not barely where you just spin out), you not only lose time because of getting hit obviously, but you also lose your item. And it's not like they're...
  8. Zachy

    Most annoying situations/moments?

    What are some of the most annoying moments or situations you've encountered or just think are annoying? The two that I can think of off the top of my head right now are getting POW'd or shocked at the end of Mario Raceway when you have shrooms, and are trying to do the shortcut. The other...
  9. Zachy

    What do you enjoy doing most on Mario Kart Wii?

    When you play MKW, what do you enjoy doing most on the game? Do you like WWing, playing in rooms, warring, etc...? Personally, I like WWing the best because I like the play everyone that's out there in the community and also get our clan out there. But of the WWs are all crap and/or annoying, a...
  10. Zachy

    Which cup has the most interesting tracks?

    Per the title. I think that the special cup has the most interesting tracks (it has Rainbow Road, isn't that enough?), and I enjoy playing on pretty much all of the tracks in that cup. What about you guys?
  11. Zachy

    What statistic do you think is most important in races?

    What statistic do you guys think is most important when racing? And I mean racing specifically, not time trials. I think that time trials is less of a debate because you're not really dodging items, and speed is the most important thing. So it's not really much of a debate for time trials. But...
  12. Zachy

    Most useful item?

    We have threads on your favorite item, and the most overpowered item. However, we don't have a thread on the most useful item... until now! So what do you guys think is the most useful item? If you ask me, it's probably triple mushrooms. I know you can't dodge with it, and I know that you can't...
  13. Zachy

    What's the most useless item?

    Per the thread title. I think the most useless item is the coin. I don't think this one is up for much debate, but we'll see lol.
  14. Zachy

    What's the most broken part of MKW?

    I think that when people think about broken parts of Mario Kart, they immediately think about Firehopping in Mario Kart 8. Personally I disagree, but that's not what this thread is about. What do you guys think is the most broken part of Mario Kart Wii? There's not quite anything like...
  15. Zachy

    Who do you dislike playing on Wiimmfi?

    This is the companion thread to the thread I made yesterday on who you enjoy playing the most on Wiimmfi. The nature of this topic can ruffle some feathers I'm sure, so let's keep this pretty civil. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on who they dislike playing, so long as it doesn't...