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new member

  1. dacool1OG

    Hello there!

    I've just joined this clan and would like to introduce myself, My friend code is 0907-9576-0016, and would like to play with some people! 1629839367 *I just joined this FORUM not clan (yet)
  2. Rua222

    Hey guys lol

    Hi guys my name is Ruan Edson and my nickname is Rua222, I'm 16 years old and player of mario kart Wii and I'm new on the game so this clan seems nice to a starter like me, I'm playing for 3 months and get almost all characters (except rosalina) I'm on online mode for 1 month since I discovered...
  3. dai

    Who is Dai? That's me!

    Hello, My name is dai, I am male and 14 years old(in 12 days I will be 15 years old).I am from Germany (Lower Saxony) and I love to play MK-Wii.In my freetime I am a YouTuber posting from time to time cellphone games.Also I practise korean fighting techniques like Tae-Kwon-Do.I play MK-Wii since...
  4. Loyd

    Hey it is me Vink

    I play Mario Kart Wii Online and Offline for practice or world record contesting! Mario Kart Wii is love Mario Kart is life because it is fun and war or Skype and worldwide's is fun! Favorite character on Mario Kart Wii is: Diddy Kong! Favorite combination in Mario Kart Wii is 1. Diddy Kong w/...