1. Wolf

    Old Smiley's or Current Smiley's

    So after a couple of months with the current smiley emoticons now, it's time to make a decision whether we want to keep the emoticons now, or to revert to the older ones. There's been a couple of complaints or disagreements with the new smilies. Here are the current smilies: Older Smilies...
  2. Zachy

    Friend Rosters and Downloadable Content

    Hello everyone, As suggested by @Kirigaya and @Rachel, we now have one home for rosters. This means Mario Kart Wii rosters will be there, and Mario Kart 8 rosters will be there. You can differentiate between them because they have different prefixes. "MKW" is for Mario Kart Wii rosters, "MK8"...