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  1. ElChavo1894

    Changing Wii Country in 2020?

    Hello everybody! Since I've been playing Mario Kart online with my Wii again, a question has come up. Is it possible to change the flag you see before the online race? I live in the United Kingdom and would like to race with the flag of my home country, Bolivia. Now I have checked several...
  2. Dark Veaz

    How often do you play MK8/MK8DX?

    Hey guys! Since 4DR expanded to MK8DX, I have been playing this game very often. I've been trying to improve myself by TTing a lot and WWing often and it's a great way to kill some time while you're having fun online with friends. I play this game a few times a week, and I enjoy playing it. How...
  3. tonyplaysmkwii

    who wants to play mkwii?

    please i'm lonely
  4. Wolf

    100cc online?

    What do you guys think about 100cc online? Do you think it's needed or necessary? I think 100cc is super annoying and would prefer that it never existed except for offline.
  5. Zachy

    How long do you envision Mario Kart 8 servers staying up?

    Obviously the game was released not so long ago, so we don't really have to worry about anything like this. But how long do you see the Mario Kart 8 servers staying up? The problem with Mario Kart Wii is that Nintendo had to rely on a third party to keep their servers up, which is most likely...
  6. Zachy

    Skype Online

    This isn't really news (although it still may be for some people), but Skype is now available online: web.skype.com It's still in beta and it's not as amazing as the desktop clients (the main Skype programs you download), but it's pretty good for something online. So if you couldn't or can't...