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  1. Zachy

    What do you think about Time Trials?

    What do you think about Time Trials in Mario Kart Wii? Are they useful to you, or do you just do them for fun? Personally, I find them really annoying. I don't know how anyone can spend so much time just to get a millisecond shaved off their time. It's mind-boggling to me, but I don't need to...
  2. elgug

    Opinions on wars?

    What are your opinions on wars? Do you like/hate wars? Why do you like/hate wars? Tbh, I don't really like warring. Here are some points why. 1. People who blame someone for everything. I once allied for a clan and the co-leader of that clan blamed me for literally everything. 2. Always the...
  3. Zachy

    What is your opinion of the MK8 battle mode?

    A lot of people who have never cared or really got into battles in Mario Kart Wii (or even Mario Karts before that) really don't care about battles. However, if you were an avid battler or paid the slightest attention to battles, the MK8 battle mode was most likely quite a surprise and change. A...
  4. Rachy


    This is look so fun! Are you exciting for this? :D Post below for your opinions.