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  1. Dokan

    What was your first mobile phone?

    What's up, guys! Today we're looking backwards to the first mobile phone that you have owned. When did you got your first mobile phone? Did you liked or even hated it? Did you had a good/bad experience with your device? Do you still have it or is it already broken? ----------- My first mobile...
  2. Loyd

    Does any one play any Supercell Games?

    Supercell Games i play: Clash of Clans (coc) :P Clash Royale I hate Boom Beach
  3. Zachy

    Device Tracking Services

    Hey guys, I decided to make this thread because it seems like a lot of people lose their phones nowadays or get them stolen. This is a general thread that I thought would be fun and useful to make for others, but it's also inspired by @Sniper who had his phone stolen from him recently. For some...