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  1. [MKWii] Former 4DR Clan Record - SNES Ghost Valley 2 (0:54.559) - 4DR⁂Quest

    [MKWii] Former 4DR Clan Record - SNES Ghost Valley 2 (0:54.559) - 4DR⁂Quest

  2. Quest

    Miitomo i guess

    Why not lol My name: Qυεςτ Follow me on Twitter @onaquest01 and link yours to add. It is possible I may not show up because it puts mutual friends first. Two flags means the person was born in the country of the first flag but lives in the country of the second flag.
  3. Quest

    Quest's New YouTube Channel

    I will no longer be using my old channel. I will upload videos to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmogmtChitYKaS37UjjoKSg
  4. Quest

    Quest's Welcome-Back Funroom!

    Hello all of you on the forum, I am happy to announce my return to MKW today! To celebrate, I am going to have a funroom this Thursday, December 31st, at 4:00 PM EST (9:00 PM or 21:00 GMT). To sign up, just post your FC and add my FC (0392-5482-1934). There will be 2 GPs: The 1st will be FFA...