1. Zachy

    Guide to questions (read before posting)

    We all need a little help sometimes and especially newer forum users who are not used to the different features and options we have available. The first thing to note is that this is for forum related questions and support only. This section is not for help with Wiimmfi, 4DR, or anything else...
  2. Rua222

    Indie games

    What was the Best indie games you guys ever played? Any console/PC/mobile games count. Me: shovel knight
  3. Peyton

    How often do you time trial?

    How much do you time trial? What I mean is about what percent of the time you play mkwii do you spend time trialing. Normally it’s about 20% for me but lately it’s around 40-60%
  4. $

    The trolley problem: Would you kill the fat man?

    Basically this experiment is called the Trolley Problem. You can look it up in the Internet. There is a train that's gonna kill 5 people. You can divert the train using a Lever to switch the path, but there is someone in that track. Pulling the lever will kill 1 person instead of 5. Most people...
  5. amaya

    How did you find the 4DR clan forum?

    I think this is a pretty obvious question for a lot of people, but how did you stumble across this forum? Was it from word of mouth? Did another forum refer you here? Did you find the site by searching on a search engine perhaps? I'm genuinely interested in how everyone found the site, so...