1. jackhax

    Jackason's questions + intro

    yall mainly do ctgp competitive right? Any fun rooms? I will add my fc soon
  2. Rua222

    Well here we go - questions and answers

    Alright so I have a few doubts and questions about mkwii and this clan Anyone who answer can ask me back about anything :) I think this is a good idea to help me improve and we know more each other, ok so this are some questions I have: #1 How we met up on wiimmfi to clan wars and worldwide...
  3. Espeon

    Find a Question Game!

    The game is pretty simple: In the beginning I give you an answer and you must find a good question for it. under the question you give an answer too, and another person (doesn't matter who) must find a question etc. Example: Member A (me): French fries. (answer) __________________________...
  4. BlazerZ

    Ask BlazerZ

    Ask me for know more of BlazerZ.
  5. elgug

    ask the wise taco

    need swag bucks